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Asphodel-Norwood Ministerial Association Foodbank

In Asphodel-Norwood Township, the local Food Bank is a community project overseen by the Asphodel-Norwood Ministerial Association.  Volunteers (and support of many kinds) come from the Anglican, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and United Churches in the township.  Various other community organizations and individuals also support the efforts of the Food Bank. Contributions of food & funds are always welcome and received with sincere gratitude.   In the months of the pandemic (in 2020) the ANMFB was accessed on an unprecedented level.  Thank you to everyone in our community and beyond whose support enabled our Food Bank to rise to the challenge!   

You can support our Food Bank by making an online financial contribution!   E-transfers can be made to   

The Asphodel-Norwood Ministerial Association Food Bank is a member of the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Kawartha Food Share.

The Food Bank, located in the Norwood Town Hall, should be open on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month in 2020 according to the following schedule:

(In months with a 5th Thursday, extra food will be distributed on the 4th Thursday.)


For additional information: click here


Norwood Town Hall

2357 County Rd 45,

Norwood, Ontario K0L 2V0

Clients are required to show valid ID and proof of residence.

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