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 God bless you, and thank you for visiting our website. 

​The Norwood-Westwood Pastoral Charge is part of The United Church of Canada and meets in distinct "church locations" - St. Andrew’s United (Westwood) and Norwood United.

Located in beautiful Asphodel-Norwood Township, in Peterborough County, our church locations were established in the 1830's and continue to witness to the love of God in Christ in an ever more complex world.  For more than half a century, the people of Norwood and St. Andrew's have brought their resources, distinct personalities  and histories together in partnership as a  “Pastoral Charge.”  

Our Mission:

Here's how we express our Mission:

​​We, the people of the Norwood-Westwood Pastoral Charge are striving to be a Christian community.

We live our faith by worshipping God together in Christ, welcoming, respecting and caring for all people, learning and growing in the Spirit, valuing our heritage and nurturing our children, and extending ourselves beyond the church walls into the world.

Get in touch:

If you need to contact our Minister on an urgent basis, please click "Contact Us"  and type a message to the Church Office.  (If you're reading can send a message!)

Our Church Office phone number is 705-639-5216.


Upcoming Events

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MY OFFERING?  Some of our Envelope Contributors have asked about starting PAR, (Pre Authorized Remittance). Click on the link for a copy of the form:


Jesus and the Children

(image in stained glass at Norwood United Church)

Sunday School will resume in time, perhaps outdoors once the weather allows.   Send a note via our Contact page and we will let you know how and when.  

Our youth group will be holding outdoor gatherings or online video chats through our Zoom account.  Send a note via our Contact page and we will get in touch with you about how to join! 

Here's an activity to do with kids, and a devotion to try in families.  Click on the links!  (We will update these from time to time.

Make some Bible bookmarks!

"Recharge" (A devotion)

Please see more info about us for information about our Sunday Schools and our other ministries with and for children and youth...


Church Office

Deanna Archer has recently joined us as Administrative Assistant.

Office Hours -  Fridays 8am to 2pm.

Voice messages and emails will be checked periodically through the week.

We continue to check phone and email messages. 

4264 Highway 7

Norwood, Ontario

(at the corner of County Road 45

and Hwy 7)

The office is staffed one afternoon each week in the month of August.  

Church doors will remain locked during office hours.   There is a doorbell at the side door near the Parking Lot. 

24-hour voice mail service can be reached by calling 705-639-5216.

Email the Church Office (and/or Minister) by clicking:  "Contact us..."

No funds are ever held, stored in, or at any time, distributed or disbursed from the Church Office or premises.

© 2022 by The Norwood-Westwood Pastoral Charge, Norwood, Ontario 

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